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The Marisfrolg Campus, located in Shenzhen, is the fashion industry's premier epicenter in China, boasting a series of interconnecting curvilinear structures that embody the graceful movements of a bird in flight - a symbol of the client's aspirations for a vibrant and prosperous future.

The building's captivating appearance, seemingly weightless and soaring, owes much to the carefully selected materials that anchor it to the earth. A harmonious blend of stone, recycled brick, and discarded ceramic tiles, all locally sourced, imbues the structure with a sense of groundedness, while showcasing the art of rekindled hand craftsmanship. The surrounding gardens are also thoughtfully designed to inspire and invigorate the staff.

Experience the Marisfrolg Campus through the fly-through video below, which highlights the meticulously curated material palette and sustainable design features that make this architectural design one of a kind.

The Atrium entrance serves as a hub that connects a boutique hotel, restaurants, and flagship stores, all nestled under an expansive solarium that provides shade to the hotel and the Atrium Design studios. Fashion enthusiasts will delight in the Fashion Catwalk, which radiates from the Atrium and is sheltered by a leaf-like roof form.

The surrounding pond on the northern perimeter is more than just a picturesque feature. It also serves a functional purpose, capturing rain runoff from the roof, drawing in the prevailing wind, and utilizing it as a passive cooling system for the entire complex.

With its seamless blend of aesthetics and sustainable design, The Marisfrolg Campus is a true gem that offers a refreshing and unique experience for the Marisfrolg team and visitors alike.

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