Van Brandenburg


Architecture van Brandenburg showcased their 'Unfurling' Exhibition in Venice from 7th June to 23rd November 2014 in the former Benedictine monastery of St. Apollonia, San Marco.

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Architecture van Brandenburg's  'Unfurling' exhibition showcased the evolution of their working models created for the Marisfrolg Fashion Headquarters.

The aim was to shine a light on New Zealand's talent to be able to tackle projects on the international scene. All this has been done out of Queenstown and the city of Dunedin, the latter as a hub of creative energy and a seat of tertiary education.  

Architecture van Brandenburg have a longstanding relationship with Otago Polytechnic, a collaboration with graduates, students and interns that has enabled us to develop our design process that hinges on developing 3D models. 

The process of prototyping various constituents of the building helps with the 'build-ability' of our designs. Thus we constantly create and refine scaled models. The last step is to have these converted to construction drawings.  

The models that were on display are components of the building as parts of their assembly, and are interesting artifacts in their own right. The Venice exhibition was the perfect opportunity to showcase them to audiences beyond New Zealand.

The exhibition was held in the Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art, Museo Diocesano di Venezia Sant'Apollonia, Fondamenta della Canonica Castello 4312-30122 Venezia.